Store up God’s Word in Your Heart

One of the most important steps you can take to prevent sin is to actively hide God's Word in your heart.

A Way of Escape

God promises that He always provides a way to escape temptation to sin. Use this tool to help you find specific actions steps to take when you are tempted.

My Tree (Purity)

Use this simple discipleship tool to get to the heart of your struggle with lust/pornography.

Help! I Want to Stay Pure Journal

Record impacting statements and write out your answers to the Questions for Reflection at the end of each chapter.

A Plan for Killing Sin

Make a specific plan for killing sin, following the steps outlined in Romans 6: know, reckon, yield.

“Unlike the many counseling resources we can find for adults, there are few directly relatable to teens and the issues they face. These mini-books bring the Scriptures to bear in a relevant way for both teens and those ministering to them.”
– Dr. Stuart Scott