Teach Me Your Way, Lord (Part 2)

Jesus not only gave us the command to love our enemies, He lived it perfectly. Study through these narrative passages in the gospel of Luke and behold our merciful Savior.

Teach Me Your Way, Lord (Part 1)

Explore the command of Jesus in Luke 6:35-36 to “love your enemies” and generously display God’s mercy to them. God only commands this of us, but as the "God of Mercy" demonstrates it to us.

Relating to Someone Hard to Love

Study these key Scripture passages that reveal what God says about relating to those who are hard for us to love.

My Tree (Bitterness)

Use this simple discipleship tool to get to the heart of your struggle with forgiveness.

Help! I Need to Forgive Journal

Record impacting statements and write out your answers to the Questions for Reflection at the end of each chapter.

“Unlike the many counseling resources we can find for adults, there are few directly relatable to teens and the issues they face. These mini-books bring the Scriptures to bear in a relevant way for both teens and those ministering to them.”
– Dr. Stuart Scott