The Tree (Short Explanation)

This resource provides a fuller explanation of the Tree model for counseling. Jesus used this simple word picture to illustrate an important truth about people. Just as a tree shows its nature by the fruit it produces, the inner nature of a person—what he wants and what he believes—is revealed by the fruit—the actions and words—produced in his life.

Keys to Your Own God & I Time

Getting to know God isn’t complicated, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Relationships of all kinds take work. A growing relationship with God won’t happen by accident—you must be intentional. This little booklet provides simple, practical ideas for getting to know your wonderful God in a deeper and more personal way.

“Unlike the many counseling resources we can find for adults, there are few directly relatable to teens and the issues they face. These mini-books bring the Scriptures to bear in a relevant way for both teens and those ministering to them.”
– Dr. Stuart Scott