LifeLine Mini-books for Teens

Straight Talk to the Teen’s Heart

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Written for teens

Mini-books with teen focused content

The issues teens face in today’s world can be troubling. These mini-books are written with those issues in mind and intended to provide biblical counsel that connects directly with a teen’s heart.

Confidence in a personal relationship with Christ

Biblical forgiveness toward others

Connection to others when surrounded by isolation

… and many more

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Focused on God’s Word

Resources to help you “think Bible”

Each mini-book is paired with downloadable Bible studies to reinforce and expand your understanding of what God has to say on that topic.

Teach Me Your Way, Lord

God’s Purpose for Saving You

A Plan for Killing Sin

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Get the help you need!

While you can work through the mini-books on your own, try to find a godly adult that will walk alongside you as you seek to follow God’s way together.

Why a Mini-book?

Biblically Based

Centered around the teaching of God’s Word, each mini-book will provide practical help in dealing with life God’s way.


Based on working with thousands of teens across the globe, these mini-books are zeroed-in on issues teens face in today’s world.


Limited to 48 pages or less and focused on a single topic, each mini-book provides the needed biblical help for that issue in a short space.

“Unlike the many counseling resources we can find for adults, there are few directly relatable to teens and the issues they face. These mini-books bring the Scriptures to bear in a relevant way for both teens and those ministering to them.”
– Dr. Stuart Scott